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About A Moment

A Moment About Tech is a blog about technology, science, the environment, engineering, and hopefully lots of truly interesting bits.  

The name of the blog is really just the combination of two things that I love.  "A Moment About" is a common engineering term that refers to a force being applied tangentially a given distance from the axis you care about.  Torque or twisting is a clear example.  Now to explain the "Tech" bit requires a double answer.  

So clearly the main focus of this blog is about trying to spread knowledge and information about current technology or science news.  So this would be the first reason to choose this as a part of the name.  The second and truly more important reason is as a reference to my Alma Mater.
Carnegie Institute of Technology, often called Carnegie Tech, went on to become well respected Carnegie Mellon University after it merged with the Mellon School of Science.  Still however most of the Inspiration and really most of the acclaim for CMU comes from CIT, which is still what the engineering school is called today.   

With that explanation out of the way I hope you will check out the blog, read the latest postings, and remember to keep the moment positive!