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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A moment about a moment about tech

As a rule, I am a person who like's get to know what a person is about before I would take the time to read their thoughts and interest.  In this line of thought, I would like to first explain what exactly as a reader you should expect this blog to focus on and why you should continue checking in from time to time to check out any post that I might post here.

I plan on posting my thoughts on certain aspects of technology, engineering, and environmental issues that may be brought up by current events or perhaps just pulled out of the air on a whim.  I wouldn't be merely commenting on things I had read in other blogs or news sites unless I myself can bring a new analysis or viewpoint into the picture although I might occasionally make note of interesting articles simply to allow you to read up on interesting happenings.

Perhaps the next issue is answering to why you would want to listen to my thoughts.  I am just an engineering minded individual who tries to look over issues not just from a single point of view but instead from viewpoints that look at multiple impacts that the topic could create.  I hope to not produce overly preachy or sermon style dialogs about the evil of things that I personally don't think are a true benefit, instead I hope to accurately convey my opinion and by doing so bring about interesting dialogs and perhaps allow for an increase in the dissemination of knowledge to the readers as well as to myself.

On that note I do encourage commenting and I will hopefully be able to review them with enough consistency to respond to any varying opinions.  I hope this will become an interesting place of discussion and not simply another one sided, highly opinionated blog.

  and remember, let us keep this moment positive.


  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to more posts from your unique point of view.

  2. Interesting read, keep more coming.

  3. yeah, I research all the tech stuff I buy so I know what I'm getting

  4. Looking forward to the next post haha

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  6. Oh facebook how I loathe thee. Interesting mech stuff tho

  7. interesting stuff, keep posting.